A gift to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless provides hope to low income families and individuals who are at risk or homeless. Your support will help fund innovative programing that can make the difference. Thank you for your support of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.

There are many ways to support those in need through the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless:
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A Bed for Every Child
The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless partners with public schools to assist students whose families are at risk of becoming homeless. In 2011, our advocates learned that many students in local public schools were not getting a good night's sleep because they did not have their own bed to sleep in at homeA good night’s sleep has a major effect on a child’s ability to come to school prepared to learn; falling behind in school due to a lack of sleep can have negative long term consequences on a student’s education and future.A proven pathway out of homelessness is to ensure children of low-income families receive an education that will allow them to graduate from high school. In 2012, the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless launched  A Bed for Every Child, providing new twin beds to children in need.  Learn more about how you can help.

In-Kind Donations
A bed, a table, a chair, a sofa – these items make a house a home. Yet, for thousands of extremely low-income households, these elements are completely unaffordable. Since its inception in 1985 as one of the first furniture banks in the nation, the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless has assisted in furnishing the future of thousands of households who are transitioning out of homelessness into permanent housing. The approach is simple - take other people's castaway furniture and household goods and give them new life in the home of someone in need.  The Furniture Bank seeks donations of couches, chairs, tables, bed frames, and other household essentials; picks them up at no charge to the donor; and distributes them free of cost to those in need. 

Today nearly  1 in 6 children growing up in Massachusetts is growing up in poverty. A teenager growing up in poverty often has to live without the most basic of items like clothing. The Mass Coalition for the Homeless has launched a partnership with the Jeremiah Burke High School located in Boston to create the Teen Closet Initiative. Teen Closet is a place where students can stop by during school hours to receive free of cost clothing and hygiene products.  Learn more about how you can help.

Lend Your Voice or Time
Right now, there are thousands of families, unaccompanied youth, and adults who are struggling with poverty and housing instability, or currently are experiencing homelessness.  At the Coalition, we are working to advocate with and for these households to ensure that everyone has a safe and permanent place to call home.  Learn more about how you can advocate and take action today. There are also other volunteer opportunities available to help us - learn more.

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