The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless partners with public schools to assist students whose families are at risk of becoming homeless. In 2011, our advocates learned that many students in local public schools were not getting a good night's sleep because they did not have their own bed to sleep in at home.  A good night’s sleep has a major effect on a child’s ability to come to school prepared to learn; falling behind in school due to a lack of sleep can have negative long term consequences on a student’s education and future. A proven pathway out of homelessness is to ensure children of low-income families receive an education that will allow them to graduate from high school. To do this, we have to give these children the tools they need to succeed. One of these tools is a bed.



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For every $250 raised, a child will receive a complete new bed: a twin mattress, box spring, bed frame and linens. A Bed for Every Child has provided new beds to 2,200 children (and counting) across Massachusetts. Our goal is to distribute 1,500 beds annually.





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$25 provides a pillow and linens $50 provides a quilt/comforter  $100 provides a pillow, linens, quilt/comforter and a teddy bear

Leadership Giving Levels

$250 Bed Buddy
provides a complete bed for 1 child 
$500 Night Night
provides complete beds for 2 children
$1,000 Few Z’s
provides complete beds for 4 children
$2,500 Sweet Dreams
provides complete beds for 10 children
$5,000 All Tucked In
provides complete beds for 20 children
$10,000 Forty Winks
provides complete beds for 40 children


Wear Red for a Bed is part of the campaign for A Bed for Every Child initiative. This event involves making at least a $1 donation to A Bed for Every Child and wearing red to school on a specific day. Wear Red for a Bed aims to raise awareness about the importance of a good night's sleep and the rising number of children who are currently sleeping without beds. Through A Bed for Every Child, children in need will receive a brand new twin mattress, box spring and linens. Wear Red for a Bed is a great way for your school to get involved in helping provide the tools necessary to aid children in breaking the cycle of poverty. Download the toolkit to get started.


Wear Red for a Bed Toolkit

Dress Down Day Poster


A Bed for Every Child Materials

A Bed for Every Child Brochure
Spare Change Drive Manual 
Spare Change Drive Poster
Wrapper for Spare Change Drive
Sleep-a-thon Poster
Bedding Collection Poster


A Bed for Every Child
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