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July 31, 2015:  Success! Thank You for Helping to Secure the Veto Overrides to Restore Funding for Unaccompanied Youth + MRVP! (PDF and web version)

Previous Alerts and Actions:
July 15, 2015: Stand Up for Equal Rights! Join Us at the State House on 7/28 for a Hearing on a Bill of Rights for People Experiencing Homelessness

July 8, 2015:
 Budget Update: The FY'16 Conference Committee Report Includes Many Increases for Key Housing, Homelessness, and Benefits Programs! 

June 25, 2015: Update: Thank You for Asking Your State Legislators to Participate in the Unaccompanied Youth Sign-On Letter to the Budget Conferees!

June 17, 2015:
 Quick Action: Please Ask Your State Legislators to Participate in the Unaccompanied Youth Sign-On Letter to the Budget Conferees!

May 28, 2015: Help Shape the FY'16 Conference Committee Budget! Advocate with Us for Housing and Homelessness Programs

May 22, 2015: Senate Budget Update: Thank You for Helping Us Advocate for Key Senate Budget Amendments to Better Serve People Experiencing and At-risk of Homelessness! 

May 15, 2015: The Senate Amendments Have Been Filed. Now Help Advocate for Their Inclusion in the Final Senate Budget!for Their Inclusion in the Final Senate Budget!

March 19, 2015: Update: More Action Is Needed! Please Help Ensure Adequate Funding for Family Homelessness Programs in the Pending Supplemental Budg et (PDF and web version)

March 13, 2015: Take ActionPlease Help Ensure Adequate Funding for Family Homelessness Programs in the Pending Supplemental Budget

March 12, 2015: Gratitude and Updates: Thank You for Your Support on Legislative Action Day + Analysis of the Governor's Budget Recommendations for Key Housing and Homelessness Programs

March 4, 2015:Youth Without Homes Can't Wait! Help Us Obtain $4 Million in the FY'16 State Budget to Create Housing and Services for Youth Experiencing Homelessness

February 18, 2015: Just Over Two Weeks to Go! Register Today to Join Us at the State House on March 5th for Legislative Action Day 2015! (PDF and web version)

December 17, 2014: Help Support the Unaccompanied Youth Homelessness Bill! Please Ask Your Senator to Sign onto the Letter to Senate Ways and Means Today!

December 11, 2014: Great News! The Unaccompanied Youth Homelessness Bill Has Passed in the House and is Moving onto the Senate!

November 25, 2014: Thanksgiving Week Gratitude and Simple Actions You Can Take to Help Address Homelessness!

November 17, 2014: Reminder: Join in Our Call-In Day Today to Help the Youth Homelessness Bill Move Even Closer to the Finish Line!

November 4, 2014: Join Us to Improve Benefits and Quality of Life for EAEDC Program Participants!

September 5, 2014: Youth Without Homes Can't Wait: Participate in Our Photo Action to Help Pass House Bill 135!

October 22, 2014: Important Housing Notice: Waiting List Openings for the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program

August 26, 2014: Helping Families Access the TAFDC Children's Clothing Allowance: Increased Welfare Benefits and Eligibility for the Month of September

June 30, 2014: The Conference Committee Members Have Released Their FY'15 Budget Recommendations

June 18, 2014: Last Call! Help Shape the FY'15 Conference Committee Budget by Advocating with Us for Housing and Homelessness Programs!

June 9, 2014: Youth Without Homes Can't Wait! Please Ask Your Legislators to Sign onto Rep. O'Day's Letter to Chairman Dempsey in Support of House Bill 135!

June 5, 2014: Youth without homes can't wait! Help us end youth homelessness by supporting House Bill 135!

June 4, 2014: Looking Ahead to Fiscal Year 2015: The Conference Committee is Meeting Now to Iron Out the Differences Between the House and Senate Versions of the FY'15 State Budget

May 27, 2014: Outcomes from the Senate budget debate: Please thank your State Senator for supporting key housing and homelessness amendments!

May 15, 2014: Take action! Please call your State Senator to support amendments to the Senate Ways & Means budget!

February 25, 2014: Standing together, taking action to end homelessness: Weigh in with your State Legislators as we mark the Coalition's Legislative Action Day!

February 20, 2014: "Standing Together, Taking Action to End Homelessness": Sign up today to join us next Thursday for Legislative Action Day 2014!

February 13, 2014: Weigh in Today with Your State Senator to Push for Important Provisions in the Pending Supplemental Budget!

February 12, 2014: Updates and Actions: Pre-Legislative Action Day Training Call, Supplemental Budget Advocacy, and More

January 30, 2014: Join Us for our Month of Action to End Homelessness

January 24, 2014: Help Secure Funding for Two Key Programs Serving Families Experiencing Homelessness!

January 23, 2014: Governor Patrick Has Released His Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Recommendations

November 19, 2013: Stand with Low-Income Families: Take Action as the Legislature Gets Ready to Vote on Welfare Reform Measures!

November 14, 2013: Ask Your Legislators to Take Action to Continue to Protect Families Experiencing Homelessness by Extending the New SDTEA Program

November 5, 2013: Update on the House Welfare Debate: Please Contact Your State Representative Today in Support of Rep. Decker's Critical Welfare Reform Amendment! (For a version with active hyperlinks, click here.)

October 2, 2013: Please Invite Your State Legislators to Mark World Homeless Day with the Coalition Next Thursday, October 10th!

August 22, 2013: Campaign to Strengthen Assistance for the Emergency Aid to the Elderly, Disabled, and Children Program (EAEDC)

August 20, 2013: Important Information for Families Timing Out of the HomeBASE Rental Assistance Program

August 8, 2013: Save the Date! Forum on Unaccompanied Youth Homelessness, November 8th in Worcester 

July 25, 2013: Implementation of Key Housing and Homelessness Provisions Within the Fiscal Year 2014 State Budget

July 1, 2013: Happy New Fiscal Year! The Legislature Has Finalized the FY'14 Budget

May 20, 2013: Please Ask Your State Senator to Actively Support Key FY'14 Budget Amendments!

May 15, 2013: Looking Ahead to FY'14: The Senate Ways & Means Committee Has Released Its Budget Recommendations for the Upcoming Year

May 6, 2013: Tomorrow: Participate in a Call-In Day to the State Senate in Support of Emergency Assistance and HomeBASE!

April 25, 2013: The House Has Finalized Its FY'14 Budget Recommendations. Now It Is on to the Senate!

April 22, 2013: Take Action Today! Ask Your State Representative to Actively Support Key Amendments to the House Ways & Means Budget!

April 11, 2013: Looking Ahead to FY'14: The House Ways & Means Committee Has Released Its Budget Recommendations for the Upcoming Year

December 20, 2012: Save the Date! Please Plan to Join Us at the State House on February 27th for Our Legislative Action Day/Youth on the Hill Day

December 5, 2012: Early December News: Implementation of New Shelter Regs, FY'14 Budget Hearings, FY'13 Budget Cuts and Requests, and More

November 19, 2012: Participate in a Statewide Call-in Day Tomorrow, 11/20 to Push Back Against New Family Shelter Eligibility Restrictions!

October 4, 2012: Call to Action: Public Hearings on 10/22 and 10/25 on New Family Shelter Eligibility Restrictions

August 20, 2012: August Updates: RAFT Homelessness Prevention Program is Back and First Phase of Family Shelter Restrictions Are in Effect

July 18, 2012: Your Action Needed to Halt DHCD's Proposed Eligibility for Emergency Assistance Shelter!

July 9, 2012: Governor Patrick's Budget Signing Decisions + New Supplemental Budget Request

June 28, 2012: Contact the Governor to Ask Him to Support Key Elements of the Conference Committee Budget!

June 18, 2012: Last Call! Speak Up for Housing and Homelessness Issues in the Conference Committee Budget!

June 11, 2012: Speak Up for Housing and Homelessness Issues in Conference Committee!

June 1, 2012: Outcome of Priority Budget Amendments for Housing and Homelessness Issues

May 22, 2012: Senate Debate Alert: Please Call Your Senator Today to Support Key Housing and Homelessness Amendments

May 17, 2012: Time to Take Action! The Senate Ways and Means Committee Has Released Its FY'13 Budget Recommendations

May 1, 2012: The Final Outcome of the House Budget Debate. Your Advocacy is Needed on the Senate Side!

April 23, 2012: Weigh in Today with Your State Representative to Win Key Improvements to the House Budget Proposal!

April 12, 2012: Time to Take Action! The House Ways and Means Committee Has Released Its FY'13 Budget Recommendations 

February 28, 2012: Our Legislative Action Day is TOMORROW! Will you "Leap into Action to End Homelessness"?

February 21, 2012: Countdown to Our 2/29 Legislative Action Day! Will You Join Us to "Leap into Action to End Homelessness"?

February 13, 2012: Reminder: Join Us Tomorrow for Our Unaccompanied Youth Call-in Day and on 2/29 for Legislative Action Day!

February 8, 2012: Reminder: Have a Heart for Unaccompanied Youth! Participate in our Valentine's Day Call-in Day to House Ways and Means!

February 1, 2012: Have a Heart for Unaccompanied Youth! Participate in our Valentine's Day Call-in Day to House Ways and Means!

January 26, 2012: Time to Take Action: Governor Patrick Has Released His Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Recommendations

December 29, 2011: Please Consider Making a Year-End Donation to Help Support the Coalition's A Bed for Every Child Initiative!

December 21, 2011: Online, On TV, and At the State House: Exciting Updates from the Coalition

December 14, 2011: EOHED Announces Public Hearings on FY'13 Budget

November 29, 2011: Executive Office of Health and Human Services to Hold FY'13 Public Budget Hearings

November 23, 2011:  Good News for Thanksgiving! Unaccompanied Youth Homelessness Bill Receives Favorable Report

November 7, 2011: Budget Update: Legislature Approves Supplemental Funding for the Emergency Assistance and HomeBASE Programs!

October 20, 2011: Update on Your Advocacy to Protect Access to Emergency Assistance and HomeBASE for Families Experiencing Homelessness!

October 19, 2011: Take Action to Protect Access to Emergency Assistance and HomeBASE for Families Experiencing Homelessness!

September 29, 2011: Legislative Briefing on Unaccompanied Youth Homelessness Next Wednesday

September 1, 2011: Children's Clothing Allowance Campaign Victory and Public Hearings on DHCD's HomeBASE Program Regulations

August 18, 2011: Public Hearing on DHCD's HomeBASE Program Regulations, Monday, 9-12, in Boston

August 9, 2011: Coalition's Highland Kids Initiative Will Be Featured on Chronicle This Thursday, 8-11!

July 28, 2011: HomeBASE Information from DHCD

July 26, 2011: Next Steps on Unaccompanied Youth Homelessness Bill

July 18, 2011: HomeBASE Information Session Has Been Rescheduled: Join Us at DHCD Next Monday, 7-25, in Boston

July 14, 2011: The Unaccompanied Youth Homelessness Bill Will Be Heard at the State House Next Tuesday; Help Fill Gardner Auditorium!